Was wäre, geschähe, hörten wir auf nur so zu tun?

What If We Stopped Pretending?
The climate apocalypse is coming. To prepare for it, we need to admit that we can’t prevent it.
By Jonathan Franzen
September 8, 2019


“There may come a time, sooner than any of us likes to think, when the systems of industrial agriculture and global trade break down and homeless people outnumber people with homes. At that point, traditional local farming and strong communities will no longer just be liberal buzzwords. Kindness to neighbors and respect for the land—nurturing healthy soil, wisely managing water, caring for pollinators—will be essential in a crisis and in whatever society survives it. A project like the Homeless Garden offers me the hope that the future, while undoubtedly worse than the present, might also, in some ways, be better. Most of all, though, it gives me hope for today.”


Wolf Schneider fasst Franzens Essay in der SZ so zusammen:

“Ja, die Katastrophe wird kommen. Eben deshab werde es umso dringlicher, dass die Menschheit diejenigen Maßnahmen ergreife, die das Leben BIS DAHIN noch etwas besser machen könnten.”
SZ v. 5./6. Oktober 2019, Seite 24


„Denkt endlich an die Enkel! Eine letzte Warnung, bevor alles zu spät ist“ (Rowohlt, 79 S., 8,— EUR
von Wolf Schneider

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