Seehofer ist nicht Yo-Yo-Ma

Jenseits des Populismus

“Kultur heißt nicht, Traditionen zu konservieren. Gerade an den Nahtstellen zwischen unterschiedlichen Kulturen entstand schon immer viel Neues.”
(Als Siebenjähriger mit J.F.K.)
See and listen what the value system is about

“Es gibt keine Leitkultur, aber Kultur kann den Lauf der Dinge leiten.”
Adrian Kreye
Solo mit vielen

Fareed’s Washington Post columns, cnn
It’s no longer the economy, stupid: Our identity politics are polarizing us. Culture clashes help explain why partisanship is so high all over the West.
Sep 15, 2016
… in Europe, we have seen a steady and strong rise in populism almost everywhere.

This trend then generated a backlash from older voters, particularly men, seeking to reaffirm the values they grew up with. The key to Trump’s success in the Republican primaries was to realize that while the conservative establishment preached the gospel of free trade, low taxes, deregulation and entitlement reform, conservative voters were moved by very different appeals — on immigration, security and identity.

This is the new landscape of politics, and it explains why partisanship is so high, rhetoric so shrill and compromise seemingly impossible.

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