Nachlese der US-Wahlen an der JHU

“What do we learn from authoritarian states and authoritarianism?” Parkinson asked. “The first is listen to the authoritarian. If the authoritarian appoints neo-Nazis to the major positions, that’s not a time to say ‘Wait and see what happens.’ We know what happens. Plenty of political scientists can tell you this from all different areas. The second is don’t count on or don’t assume that checks and balances will work—demand them to.

“Resist the urge to make everything about the president. This is how authoritarians thrive, this is how cults of personality are built. Part of this is taking a good hard look at ourselves and asking why so much of the population didn’t vote. But part of this is also how we frame the stories we tell about ourselves. If we make all of those stories about Trump, that means that we’re not actually doing the introspective work and the activist work that needs to be done.”

Parkinson said Trump’s election emboldens oligarchs, authoritarians, and terrorist regimes around the world.


Mittlerweile (19.11.) berichtet auch die SZ von Sanders Auftritt in Washington.

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