First Skirmish in America’s next Civil War?

Gefecht, Scharmützel, Geplänkel, Plänkelei

“The violence was so dramatic that some are actually calling this the first skirmish in America’s next civil war. Last week, a shocking poll found that 31 percent of all Americans believe that there will be a civil war in America within the next five years and that 59 percent of Americans believe that Donald Trump’s opponents will resort to violence. But after the events of this past weekend, we no longer have to wonder if civil unrest is coming to America. Civil unrest is already here, and it is going to get much worse in the months ahead.

TV-Sendung mit Michael Moore
“… where was the point where it was too late. Where was the point that if we all just had risen up, just done something? But because it happens in little increments. That’s how fascism works.”



The Handmaid’s Tale

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