Covid-Mutation D614G

Es ist normal, dass sich ein Virus mit der Zeit verändert. Um sich zu vermehren, muss sich das Genom des Erregers ständig kopieren. Dabei passieren zufällige Fehler, sogenannte Mutationen.


Making Sense of Mutation: What D614G Means for the COVID-19 Pandemic Remains Unclear
20. August 2020


Although there has already been much breathless commentary on what this mutation means for the COVID-19 pandemic, the global expansion of G614 whether through natural selection or chance means that this variant now is the pandemic. As a result, its properties matter. It is clear from the in vitro and clinical data that G614 has a distinct phenotype, but whether this is the result of bonafide adaptation to human ACE2, whether it increases transmissibility, or will have a notable effect is not clear. The work by Korber et al. (2020) provides an early base for more extensive epidemiological, in vivo experimental, and diverse clinical investigations to fill in the many critical gaps in how D614G impacts the pandemic.

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