Den Politikwechsel in D. mit herbeiführen

Bundestagswahl 2017: Mehrheiten für Mitte-links – aber wie?

Die Bottom-up Bewegung der Bürger muss gestärkt werden. Welche Möglichkeiten bestehen, die Basis zu verbreitern, auch Nichtwähler davon zu überzeugen, mitzutun, sich gegen ein Weiter-so zu wehren, das schildert für die USA


How can we use whatever privilege–or better yet, capacity, or better yet, POWER–that we’ve got in a way that increases the power of the movement for liberation and equality in general, not only by claiming present gains for ourselves, but by challenging, delegitimizing, and helping to defeat those political forces whose stated and unstated aim is to silence, punish, and suppress the most oppressed among us.

Let us throw all the force we can find into removing the boot from our oppressed brother or sister’s throat. The task of liberation centrally requires unleashing the voice of those who are themselves most oppressed or fearful or otherwise silenced to the point of not being (or not feeling) able to turn out for the action of the moment.

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