Bruch mit Obamas Politik in Syrien voraus?

As Election Day Nears, Military Hawks Circle to Promote New Wave of War

A slew of bipartisan reports are hoping to push the former secretary of state to increased military action in the Middle East, particularly Syria
Lauren McCauley, staff writer

““The Republicans and Democrats who make up the foreign policy elite are laying the groundwork for a more assertive American foreign policy via a flurry of reports shaped by officials who are likely to play senior roles in a potential Clinton White House,” the Washington Post’s White House correspondent Greg Jaffe reports.”


“Taken together,” Jaffe reports, “the studies and reports call for more-aggressive American action to constrain Iran, rein in the chaos in the Middle East and check Russia in Europe. The studies, which reflect Clinton’s stated views and the direction she is likely to take if she is elected, break most forcefully with Obama on Syria.”


Welche Aussenpolitik würde Hillary Clinton als US-Präsidentin verfolgen? Antworten liefert ein Strategiepapier eines Thinktanks. Experte Günter Meyer hat es analysiert.

Die Präsidentschaftskandidatin der Grünen Jill Stein sagt:

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